Non Governmental Agencies Involved in Global issues

Assessment Instructions

Consider a health topic of your choice and investigate what current NGOs are doing on behalf of your chosen topic. (Keep in mind that the country you focus on in this course should not be the United States.) Remember, you need to make contact with your chosen NGO, or population health professional with knowledge of NGOs, and interview them. After your interview, evaluate the NGO, paying special attention to its ability (and potential willingness) to get help with your health topic of choice. For your assessment, make sure you are addressing the following:

  • Differentiate public health NGOs from governmental public health organizations.
    • Provide a history of the selected organization.
    • Examine the financial health of the organization including how much money the organization has raised for the selected program.
      • Include current data related to money raised, money distributed, and the effect on the health initiative.
    • Identify countries where this organization has a presence.
    • Explain how stakeholders and members are selected or join the organization.​
  • Explain the advantages public health NGOs have over government-sponsored programs.
    • Compare NGOs to government-sponsored programs in terms of the following:
      • How donations are sought and obtained.
      • How funds are distributed.
      • How application for assistance is made.
  • Summarize the challenges public health NGOs have in comparison with government-sponsored programs.
  • Analyze the sufficiency of data available to meet the criteria that public health NGOs use to choose to get involved in a health issue.​
    • Examine the determining criteria for this organization to get involved in a health issue.
      • Data used.
      • Scope or severity.
      • Degree of need.
    • Discuss how you would approach this agency for assistance.
  • Explain how your research and interviewing experiences challenged or met your assumptions about public health organizations and delivery.
    • What surprised (or aligned with your expectations) about public health delivery?
    • What surprised (or aligned with your expectations) about NGOs versus government-sponsored programs?
    • How has this experience affected you?

Be sure to convey purpose, in an appropriate tone and style, incorporating supporting evidence and adhering to organizational, professional, and scholarly writing standards.