Nursing Theory

Students should select any nursing theory explored in this class for this assignment. 

The student should define the theory with a reference and discuss how the theory relates to their philosophy of nursing.

Please provide four references.

The paper should be at least three and no more than five pages in length.

The title and reference pages are not a part of the three – five-page count but should be included in the paper. 

Please format the paper according to the following headings. 

These headings should appear in your paper. 

Introduction & Brief Summary

See the previous assignments for the components of a good introduction. Describe the selected theory with a reference.

Applying Theory to Practice : 

Discuss two ways that you could use the theory in nursing practice (list two references)

Advantages of Theory 

Discuss the advantages of using the chosen theory to support clinical practice (list one reference)

Theory and Patient Education

Discuss the value of using the theory to support patient education.


A reasonable conclusion includes two paragraphs. No references are required.