Based on the book handmaid’s tale

answer each question in one paragraph (4 sentences) with intext citations

1.      Offred wasnot always a handmaid; she had a fairly normal life before she is takenaway. Describe how power is taken away from her and her family in  her oldlife. Be as specific as possible. (Use intext citations as always.) 

2.      Discussthe tools that are used to control the handmaids, the laborers, andother lower “castes.” For example, the wall keeps the peoplephysically confined like a prison of sorts (32, 43). What otherobjects or modes of control are used? (These could be psychological toolsas well.) Describe a minimum of two.

3.       Aunt Lydia shows films about the unwomen (chapter20). Who are the unwomen? Tell about them and why they get this name.



5.       How does the government manage to control the people inGilead? Give at least two examples of how they prevent resistance amongthe people. 


6.       Choose one chapter in the novel and describe the narratorialperspective of the chapter. How do you know this? Use textual details andpage numbers to support your claims.

8.       Gender and class largely determine the characters’ fatesin the novel. Describe how gender roles work in Gilead, and how classplays into one’s “assignment” in that world. Use page numbers(intext citations) whenever possible. 

9.       There are several hints at an environmentaldisaster in TheHandmaid’s Tale. Describe some of the effectsof this disaster on the people. (Use textual evidence as always.)


10. What are some of the ways thehandmaids try to resist the patriarchal societal control of  Gilead?Describe at least two types of resistance and give an example of each. 


11.   Describe the store know as SoulScrolls. What is its purpose? What statement does it seem to makeabout the state of religion in Gilead? 

12.   Choose one of the major themes in the novel. Do the following: 1)describe it, 2) explain its importance in the novel, and 3) give at least oneexample from the text using intext citations.