Pacific Northwest foods

Region Outline / Report



1.     Region: OREGON


2.     States included:


3.     Describe the geographic / topography in the region:


4.     How has this topography affected what is grown in the region:


5.     What is the yearly climate in the region (monthly or seasonal differences):


6.     How has the climate influenced the region’s cookery:


7.     Historical influences on the region:


8.     Ethnic influences on the regions cookery:


9.     What are the most commonly grown / produced  food products in the region:


10.  Ingredients unique to the region: Name at least 8 AND why these particular ingredients:

i.e.: Meat / Game, Fish / Seafood, Fruits, Vegetables, etc… 


11.  Dishes unique to the region: Name 5 AND describe and explain each of them.


12.  Unique cooking methods: Name at least 5.


13.  Unique cooking equipment or tools in the region.


14.  How has the region evolved over time from food / climate / demographics?  (short answer)


15.  Personal experiences from the region or what you have found interesting in this region. (short answer)