Philosophical essay

Political Philosophy Essay

Write an Essay on one of these two questions, pick which ever you like.
Question 1: What do the philosophers we have studied in unit one (Locke, Hobbes, Rousseau, ect.) have to say about the governments responsibilities when it comes to peoples private property? How or when do the needs of the community override an individuals rights? (Hint: Review Lockes views on property and argue for or against him).
Question 2: Discuss at least three philosophers opinions on pure democracy. Do you believe government decisions are better made by popular vote or by elected officials? (Hint: confront the concerns of Plato regarding tyranny of the majority, discuss Rousseaus general will as part of the social contract theory).
Some things to make sure are include: 
1. Does the paper have an introduction?
10 points
2. Does the paper have a thesis statement? (Make a claim and justify it with specific evidence, i.e. X is correct because of a, b, and c)
15 points
3 Does the author adequately support the thesis? (In a five-paragraph essay you should have at least one paragraph for each point in your thesis)
25 points
4. Does the paper acknowledge opposing viewpoints?
10 points
5. Does the paper have a conclusion?
10 points
6. Does the paper include the ideas of at least 3 political philosophers we discussed in class?
10 points
7. Is the paper well written? Does if flow? Is it mostly free from grammar and spelling issues?
10 points
8. Does the paper cite sources appropriately (MLA, APA, Chicago Author-Date, Harvard ect)
10 points