Instructions: Write an essay draft of 800-1000 words in which you…

  1. Read C. Thi Nguyen’s article "Escape the Echo Chamber" (link to Aeon magazine) (Links to an external site.) or (download as PDF  Download download as PDF).
  2. Address the following questions in your essay draft:
    1. How does social media lead to a dramatic selection effect?
    2. What is the difference between an epistemic bubble and an echo chamber?
    3. Why is access to opposing viewpoints not enough to escape an echo chamber?
    4. According to Nguyen, how can a person escape from an echo chamber?
    5. Do you agree with Nguyen’s diagnosis of the problem and proposed solution? Why or why not?

Your essay draft will be graded on the level of understanding demonstrated in your exposition (Parts I-IV) and your critical reasoning in Part V. See Rubric below for more details.