Dear Students,


Griffith Observatory Trip Report of 5 pages with text and pictures is a graded assignment in this course. Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles is a very educational and a highly tourist attraction place. However, if you cannot visit the Griffith Observatory for any reason, then here are the other two options:


Alternative Option-1:


You can visit an alternative Observatory in California or in USA or anywhere else in the world that is near you. Here are two links for California and for USA:


(a)  30+ Observatories in California for 2020

(b)   25 of the Best Observatories in the U.S. to Visit in 2020


Alternative Option-2:


If you can not visit Griffith or any other observatory for any reason, then you can do this 2nd option with both parts (a) and (b) as follows:

(a)  Watch the following Video, titled: 

What’s Inside The Griffith Observatory ?  (24:57 min) (Links to an external site.)

and also

(b)  Visit the Website of the Griffith Observatory in details at (Links to an external site.)


Then combine the information and knowledge that you get from the video and the website and then write about a 5 page long report with text and pictures in any reasonable format of your choice. Then submit it on the assignment page by the due date.



Enter the Observatory Building:

First Floor:


1.     First thing you will see in the lobby is the Foucault pendulum. See how it works and take a picture.

2.     Buy a ticket for your favorite Astronomical show from the front lobby counter before 7 PM.

3.     Review the Wilson Observatory exhibit and describe it. Describe the work of Edwin Hubble on the discovery of the expansion of the universe.

4.     View all the Astronomy exhibits on the first floor. Read the displays for each exhibit and take pictures.

5.     View the Tesla Coil demonstration on the first floor. Describe and explain in your report

6.     View the Periodic Table with actual samples for each element




1.     Go down to the Basement Floor-1 and go to the Auditorium Hall (Nimoy Event Horizon Lecture room) to watch the introductory video about the observatory and to see the schedules of other lectures and presentations in that Hall.

2.     Read a series of exhibits on this floor and take pictures.

3.     Describe the exhibits on Meteorites. What are the different types of Meteorites that are there? Why are the Meteorites important in Astronomy? Describe and explain.

4.     View and describe the Moon rock exhibit and take pictures of those and explain the properties.







1.     Go further down to the Basement Floor-2 and read the displays for each exhibit and take pictures.

2.     Measure and write down your weight on each planet, as well as your weight on the Moon.

3.     View the Earthquake monitoring section. Try to generate your own Earthquake. Describe and explain.


Upstairs (2nd Floor):


Go to the top floor (2nd floor) of the observatory building, which is the roof of the observatory building, and stand in line to see the main telescope of the observatory, and watch the planets and stars as per the observatory schedule for that night.




Make sure to watch the planetarium show on time for which you bought the ticket in the lobby counter earlier before 7 PM. Don’t miss the show by being too focused on the exhibits.


Report of the Observatory trip:


After the visit to the Griffith Observatory, or any of the other two options, prepare a Trip Report in about 5 pages double spaced with pictures and texts and descriptions in your note-book of the things that you saw and learned at the Observatory. Put the picture of you and your family/friends with the statues of the astronomers on top of the front page of your Trip-Report and complete the 5-page report. Then submit it to the Assignment page of the Canvas Course shell online in the appropriate Module for me to review it and grade it. Enjoy the trip, have fun and learn a lot.