Piaget Assignment

Piaget Assignment
One of Piaget’s main ideas is that we learn best through doing. The aim of this assignment is to demonstrate how this is true when spending time with children who are in 3 different Piagetian developmental stages.
This is not a classic research paper but rather an exercise in creative writing. However, if you take information directly from the text, or any other book or article it must be correctly cited using APA format.
It is a rainy day and you have to take care of three children, ages 3, 8, and 13. Using Piaget’s theory tell me what activities you would use to entertain them and why you would choose those particular activities.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Because it is raining you cannot take them outside and they MAY NOT use any electronic equipment, i.e., no TV, computers, video games, etc.
You will be with the children for a good part of the day so choosing only one activity for each age/stage is not enough.
You can pretend these are your kids or that you are their babysitter, or family friend. They can be girls or boys, or a mixture of both.
You can choose individual activities or something that they can all do together despite their age differences. Remember, you must explain why you chose the activities you did using Piaget’s theory.
This paper must be at least 2 pages long.
Please double space and use 14 font.