Policies Geared Towards Principles Of Management

Policies Geared Towards Principles Of Management

The book provides the example
“Silicon Valley and the “Brogrammer” Culture which discusses how
female-led venture-backed companies tend to earn more revenue than
male-led companies, but women are significantly underrepresented among
the tech companies of Silicon Valley, long a male stronghold.

Watch Reshma Saujani’s TED talk “Teach Girls Bravery not Perfection.”
In her 13-minute presentation, Saujani, founder of the nonprofit
organization, Girls Who Code, discusses why we as a society need to
teach our girls to be brave, not perfect.

In your original post,
discuss actions managers can take to attract, retain, and develop female
workers in professions or fields that are primarily male-dominated. (9
points for original post)

In your TWO (2) replies to classmates,
based on your classmates post, respond with actions managers could take
to inspire bravery in female employees. (3 points each)

Just I need TWO (2) replies to classmates

Student 1
* If we want to pursue a more balanced sex ratio of the labor market, we must pay attention to gender identity issues of young people and reduce discrimination against adolescent behavior, respect for each individual’s personality.
* Women during maternity leave, the company should be given appropriate support and assistance, so that they maintain professional status, update, and maintain the progress of knowledge structures. Because many management tasks can be done through IT tools, and are no longer affected by time and space.
* Women in the early career development (pre-marital and fertility for some time before), need to focus on career planning for fieldwork. Emphasis is placed on determining the direction of future development, taking into account the family.

Student 2

The actions managers can take to attract female works is first and foremost, to vocalize their want for that diversity in their work place, because if they make it know they are looking for woman, women feel more comfortable about applying (even if they don’t meet all the criteria). Retaining these employees will be tougher, managers will have to set down rules (both by their own actions and policies), geared towards encouraging male employees to respect and entourage women in their learning experiences (failures) and successes. The most important thing their is, is to lead by example, managers need to be the first to encourage growth. When developing a woman in their work, it is important to promote women in the same ways your would promote men (such as having them go to the same seminars, and having them take the same classes that might advance their career).