policy analysis & Evaluation: The Los Angeles Air Quality rate is too poor

SELECTION AND MECHANICS FOR THE WRITTEN ASSIGNMENTIdentification of a policy issue is the first step. Craft one sentence problem statement (e.g., TheFlagstaff Housing shortage is too high. The Phoenix crime rate is too high. The Los Angeles airquality rate is too poor. The opioids problem is too concerning in Colorado, etc.). You may alsoconsider several interesting topics like Community Policing, Covid-19-mitigation policy at acounty government, Pre-School Policy issues, Foster Care Policies, and of course, the BorderWall immigration policy! In this class, we will not look at Foreign Policy Analysis because that isa different sub-field with its own theoretical lens drawn from International Studies.After you select the policy issues, get the ball rolling. Identify six sources of data/ informationrelated to your problem. (e.g., Census Bureau, peer reviewed article, Reports from Think Tankorganizations, among others). Describe the steps you took to identify the sources. Then,develop at least three measures of credibility (e.g., subject to external review,qualifications/reputation or author(s). Evaluate the credibility of the data related to yourproblem obtained from each of your six sources. Use the evidence to justify your choice of theproblem. You may share the problem statement with the instructor and other class members.The statement should be at least 6 pages (double -spaced). Critique of existing solutionsFor your selected problem, describe existing solutions, if any and why these are not workingwell. Problem analysis requires that you understand the problem, how it has been framed, itssymptoms, and the constraints encountered by stakeholders. Discuss the evidence of yourassertion and provide the data. Briefly summarize how you have arrived data your conclusions.This should be done in not more than four pages.Policy AnalysisPrepare a policy analysis related to the problem identified for this course. ( in the statement ofproblem). Make sure you describe the trends, comparative evidence, if any, impacts of theproblem. Rationale for government intervention. Discussion of the status quo, the evaluationcriteria, the recommendations and justification, issues of adoption and implementationincluding stakeholder involvement. This is the big part of the paper, so it must be detailed. It isvery important to balance out the problem analysis and solution analysis. The analysis mustportray the nature of the problem convincingly. Remember that the solution analysis has to bebased on client needs. The rule is that you must fully explain to the client why you believe yoursolutions are better or appropriate.Policy memo (letter), recommendation, and presentationStudents are required to prepare a brief memo /letter to the appropriate client on yourselected policy analysis. Explain the problem, why you think your ideas are going to fix orresolve the problem and why your ideas should be supported. Ideally, the memo shouldindicate the advantages and disadvantages of your recommendation. Since decision-makers arebusy persons, you may want to prepare an executive summary that highlights your mainrecommendations.The final paper should be at least 25 pages (double spaced) in length. In addition to the paper,prepare and present the final paper to the class in the form of power points.

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