Polymorphism: Overloading and Overriding

1. Use the Java hierarchy you posted in Week 3 (corrected based on any feedback you may have received) add one overriding method and one overloading. The main method should create an instance of the class and demonstrate the correct functionality of the overriding and overloading methods. 

2. Reply to another student’s post. Suggest a different overloading or overriding method. Write the main method to demonstrate the correct functionality of the additions/modifications. As you reply to the other students, try to reply to a post that does not have a reply yet, and if not; try to reply to a post with a fewer number of replies.

Be sure to create a program different from any of the programs already posted by your classmates or the examples in the class materials.

As you answer these questions, use proper Java naming convention (Camel case), name the class, attribute, and method in a meaningful way to represent the business meaning, and add comments to the Java code as applicable.

The deliverables are the Java code and the documentation. The documentation is a single Microsoft Word document, or PDF containing the screenshot of the results obtained by running the code.