Portfolio Project Part 1

PortfolioProject – Part 1

Pleaseaddress the following 10 questions for Part 1:

1.    Identify three major countries with which your chosencompany operates. Preferably, the three countries are in different continents.

2.    Are these three countries members of the IMF, the WorldBank, and WTO?

3.    Do you believe that these three countries actively followguidelines of these three major international institutions?

4.    Compare the institutional structure of these threecountries to determine if they promote globalization, i.e., (a) are theirpolitical institutions transparent and (b) do they have a functioning judiciarysystem?

5.    Do you believe that the three countries underconsideration practice policies that promote globalization? For example, whatare those countries’ policies toward (a) governance, (b) competitive markets,(c) property rights, and (d) corruption?

6.    Determine whether your company is a producer of goods orservices. What are the major products and/ or services provided by yourcompany? Are those outputs sold only domestically or are they also exported?

7.    Do these products and services face tariff or non-tariffbarriers in the target export markets? What are the tariff rates or non-tariffbarriers imposed on these items?

8.    Identify regional trading blocs with which your chosencompany operates as well as the benefits that your company gains because it ispart of those trading blocs.

9.    Would your company be better off under a system ofmultilateral trade liberalization like the WTO, or with bilateral or regionaltrading blocs?

10.                 If you were visiting a foreign country tonegotiate a transaction on behalf of this company, what cultural knowledgewould you need to gain before the visit? How and from where would you get theinformation?

Youhave the option of answering each question individually or in essay format, aswill be required in your final report in Week 7.
In your responses, make certain that you include references from search enginesbelow or from scholarly sources from the APUS Online Library.

Be sure to provides a detailed description of the globalization process and barriers within each country and supports their findings with scholarly research. Discuss 3 countries and the globalization of each.

Gatheryour data from sources such as company annual reports; agencies like Standard& Poor’s, Moody’s, and Value Line; or any of the following websites: