Potential topics for a reasearch analysis

  1. What are  two potential topics that you would like to research and write about for your Research Analysis? The topic can be a person, a place, or an event during the scope of our class, 1865-present. Please include the following: 
  2. Who, what, where, and when? Brief info on your topic.
  3. Why you are interested in writing about this person, place, or event? 
  4. Word count = 100 word minimum per entry (not including bibliographic entries below).  
  5. Include two academic sources that you have already identified for each topic, so a minimum of four. Sources should be either academic books, academic journals, periodicals, reputable websites, and primary sources. If you have any questions as to the validity of your sources, feel free to email me your source and I’ll let you know. Please do the following:
  6. Include full bibliographic citations for each source. Any citation style.  
  7. If your source is available online, please provide a link. 
  8. Please, please, please do not use: history.com, biography.com, any and all encyclopedias (Britannica, Oxford, infoplease, factmonster, etc.), Wikipedia, and/or any news websites (CNN, Fox, etc.). 
  9. Some topics Women’s suffrage, Gay Rights Movements
  10. The file is an example of how it should be done