Preliminary Applied Research Proposal

I do have most of the assignment, I am requiring  someone to write the following:

  1. Research Design: Insert the elements of the research design that I will attach in the aasignment, making any necessary corrections or revisions to those elements based on feedback I have on the paper. The review should include each of these earlier elements, as well as new sections, as itemized below:
    1. Research Purpose: 
    2. Study Variables and Conceptual Definitions: Insert the independent and dependent variables. Conceptualize each independent variable and each dependent variable, fully defining what would and would not count for each for purposes of your study.
    3. Research Hypothesis: 
    4. Research Goals:
    5. Data Approach: Describe whether you will take a qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods approach to your research. Explain the rationale for your choice, describing why this approach will most effectively permit you to test your research hypothesis. Support your rationale with reference to scholarly sources.
    6. Ethical Considerations: Describe how you would ethically conduct your research. Explain how would ensure the protection of any human subjects and confidentiality of data for your proposed study.
  2. Conclusion: Provide a summary of the problem and plan for studying the issue, emphasizing why the research is important and what would be accomplished were the proposed study to be conducted.
  3. References: Include full APA references for all in-text citations in the body of your research proposal.
  4. Appendices: Include appendices, if any, to supplement the information presented in the research proposal
Also, I need to do an editing on the notes I have of the following sections (I will attach the document).
  1. Introduction: This will be an edited version of the introduction you completed from the Unit 3 Assignment.
  2. Problem Statement: Insert the problem statement that you created in Unit 3, making any corrections or revisions needed based on feedback you received from your professor.
  3. Literature Review: Insert the literature review that you completed earlier in this course after making any necessary corrections or revisions based on feedback you received from your professor. The review should include each of the elements originally required for the Unit 4 Assignment:
    1. Introduction: Revise and resubmit the introduction from your Unit 4 Assignment.
    2. Theoretical Considerations: Revise and resubmit the theoretical considerations section from your Unit 4 Assignment.
    3. Literature Review: Revise and resubmit the literature review section from your Unit 4 Assignment.
    4. Summary and Conclusions: Revise and resubmit the summary and conclusions section from your Unit 4 Assignment.