pricing and distribution for a proposed online doctoral business program at northern kentucky university

Section 4: Pricing and Distribution

Continuing our investigation of our assigned organization, we now move on to their pricing and distribution strategy. Pricing is your sole means of generating revenue and Distribution covers the delivery of your product to your target consumers from beginning of the process to the actual point of purchase.

To prepare for this assignment, review the information you have gathered on your client. Also review the course material for module four. Based on the information found, you are to complete the following:


1.      Determine a price point for the new product. Be sure to explain your rationale. This should address their approach to pricing (include psychological as well as economic influences if available), and a discussion of competitive pricing in the market. Fully describe how the client appears to have arrived at their pricing point based on the material you learned from the module.

2.      Create a distribution plan for this new product. Be sure to explain your rationale. This should include a description of the primary methods they currently use to reach their target customers. [obviously only address those that apply. A client that sells a service might not have some of those elements]