Problem-Solving and Decision Making

Week One: Written Assignment

Problem-Solving and Decision Making

Due: Sunday of Week 2!

Note: Students MUST get started on this assignment now, as you need to reach out to the Online Writing Lab. However, because you must show proof of communication with the Online Writing Lab (OWL), this is NOT due until Sunday of Week 2 AND the dropbox will be in Week 2!
Problem-solving and decision making are important in the health care arena, as well as in your own daily life. . 
The five steps are; Identify the problem, Gather Information, Create Alternatives, Choose and Alternative and Take Action, and Evaluate and Revise as Needed.

Requirements: I encourage you to use APA format. In a Microsoft Word document, type your responses to complete your assignment. At the very minimum, you should include your textbook as a reference, but include any outside sources used. Your word count must reach at least 250 words, but you can complete more. The assignment should be completed in your own words and use an intext citation when necessary.

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