Process Essay

Write an essay that tells your reader how to do something.  You can write about anything from making empanadas to teaching a child how to tie their shoes, to putting up storm shutters, or any other thing you know how to do.  It can also be more idea-based, like “how to be friends with your ex” or “how to get ahead in life.”  Whatever your topic, be sure to put the steps in the right order.  Pretend your reader knows nothing at all about this process, and give them every little piece of information they need to know.  You can be serious or humorous, or in between.

 Two full pages, double-spaced, one-inch margins on both sides, Times New Roman 12-point font.  Your name and “Process Essay” go in the upper left-hand corner.  After you type your name and the type of essay, leave only one blank line, and then center your title on the following line.  Indent the first line of each paragraph after that by using the Tab key.  Leave just one space between paragraphs, not four.  (These are basic MLA format guidelines, in case you need to look them up and get more info.)