Project 1 layout

For this assignment students will design and produce a presentation poster draft featuring the work of five artists/designers active during the period of mid-century modern design.

The Artists/Designers are:

  • Pierre Cardin
  • Lygia Clark
  • Florence Knoll
  • Isamu Noguchi
  • Elizabeth Catlett

The poster will feature a brief bio/background about each A/D along with one example of their work.

The text of the bio will be taken from the earlier research each student completed for the project.

For the purpose of the poster each bio will be limited to approximately 250 words. It is not necessary to edit the current bios to fit the length. Simply place the text and delete the material after roughly 250 words.

The images for the poster will be provided by the instructor.  These can be accessed at this link: GRDE1110_Project 1 Download GRDE1110_Project 1

Every student will use the images provided. No substitute images. 

The poster will be assembled using InDesign.

Specifications: Document set-up

  • Trim Size:  30″ wide  x 20″ high
  • Margins: Top= 1″  Bottom= 1″  Left= 1.5″  Right= 1.5″
  • Bleed Area: 0.125″ on all four sides
  • Slug Area: Bottom only = 2″
  • Document must have a CMYK color profile 

Specifications:  Master Page

  • Layout Grid: 10 columns  X 6 rows  gutter space will be 0.25″
  • Slug Info: Text frame 2 columns wide X 1.75″ high, inset 0.125″ on top only

Swatches Panel

  • Swatches panel must include two Pantone Solid Coated colors
NEEDS inDesign