Project 2 Grading Criteriaa Project 2

Project 2 Grading Criteriaa Project 2

Project 2 Grading Criteria

A successful final submission for this project will have the following qualities:

  • Transcript: Submission includes an actual transcript of the conversation. Presumably, the conversation was audio recorded and then typed up–not simply summarized by the writer. (You may use ellipses . . . to cut out parts of the conversation that are not very informative. Use brackets [like this] to insert an explanation of what you cut out.)
  • Design: The document is formatted with headings/subheadings in such a way that it is easy to read and navigate and professional-looking.
  • Thank-you email/proof of meeting: The document includes a screenshot of the communication you sent to confirm the meeting and the “Thank You” email sent to the interviewee post-meeting (screenshots should show the date and time sent).
  • Focus: The questions are focused and tailored toward the specific person and field being discussed. The interviewer shows that basic preliminary research has been done prior to the interview, avoids asking questions that could be answered with an internet search.
  • Conversation-Building: The questions are open-ended enough to allow more than yes/no answers. The interviewer is clearly listening to the answers and asking follow-ups to gain more useful insights where the answers are vague.
  • Objectivity: The questions are objective, avoiding loaded questions such as, “Isn’t the future of real estate security investments doomed to a bleak future?”
  • Professionalism: The writer’s interactions in the interview and thank you email are friendly and respectful and show attentive interest and gratitude for the experience the interviewee has to offer.

Note: See the separate document, “Advice from the textbook on conducting an interview,” to learn how to make your questions focused, objective, and open-ended.

Final submission includes: 1. Name, title of person being interviewed 2. Date of interview 3. Transcript of interview 4. Copy (screen shot is fine) of: A. Time confirmation B. Post-interview “thank you” note

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