Project Management

MGT 550. Project Management

Assignment 2

  1. 1)The following table shows the allocation of work assignments and resources needed for an investment firm to make a decision on investing in company XYZ

  1. a)Create Responsibility Matrix
  2. b)Create Resource Gantt Chart
  3. c)Create Resources Loading Chart

  1. 2)Building a swimming pool

  1. a)Create a Gantt chart from the work breakdown structure.
  2. b)Create a PERT/CPM network showing the interdependencies of the different activities.   How long will the project take?  (Note:  Dont forget to take elapsed time into account.)
  3. c)Using the information in your Gantt chart, as well as the information on wage rates and cost of materials, put together a budget showing planned total expenditures for the project.