Proper Apa Bibliography Style Annotated Bibliogra

Proper Apa Bibliography Style Annotated Bibliogra

Assignment Directions

Read the directions for the Final Paper. Then conduct a SFCC library search ( (Links to an external site.)Links to an external may want to use one of the popular databases or just a general search) to find 3 sources on the interpersonal communication skill you chose to work on this term. You should include at least 2 different types (i.e. not all websites or not all newspaper articles). In a word processing document address the following:

  • At the top of the page: identify what specific skill you are using for the project.
  • Next type the first source in the proper APA bibliography style format.
    • For assistance, use the bibliography website links listed below.
    • Remember to pay attention to details like: hanging indent, double-spacing, capitalization and italics rules. Also, spell check and proofread your assignment.
  • Underneath the APA citation, summarize in your own words the key points that you learned about this skill. Don’t try to summarize the entire article, but rather narrow down your annotation to the most important information that you learned. Keep it focused on your specific skill.
    • Please use your own words to paraphrase the information.
    • If you need to use a direct quote you should use quotation marks around the information and then include the page number or paragraph number (if it’s a website) in parentheses.
  • Repeat this process with Source 2 and 3.

Additional Information

  • Each annotation/summary should be approximately 1 page, double-spaced
  • Please proofread to make sure you’ve met the assignment criteria and corrected grammar/spelling errors before submitting your assignment.