Psychological Disorder Research Project

(DSM-5 Website on Psychological Disorders Above)

Video link examples are listed below

Schizophrenia Video Links

Borderline Personality Disorder Video Links

Objectophilia or Fetishism Video Links

Your task

For your project, I’d like for you to 

1) select a psychological disorder (does not have to be one from the videos.  Check out the DSM-5 link at the top and select one there if you’d like).  

2) Define what the psychological disorder is.  

3)  Explain the effects on the human body.  

4)  Research and explain a case study, article, news story where a person had a psychological disorder and committed a crime or some form of deviance.

Word Document, Double Spaced, Times New Roman, 12 Point Font, References, No More than 1 Page (250 Words)