Public figure on social media

  1. Choose an individual you follow the MOST in either Facebook, LinkedIn,
    Instagram, TikTok, Twitter or in any other social network such as Reddit, or
    SnapChat, for example.
  2. Your introducatory paragraph should include a lead statement or two in
    general regarding the popularity of social media and why anyone should
    care about the pros and cons to society and/or individuals.
  3. After 3 to 4 stimulating lead sentences to capture audience attention segway
    into delivering a one sentence argumentative thesis stance (the very last
    sentence in the Introduction).
  4. The thesis must include the person’s name, two personality traits that you
    believe best describe the popular social media personality, their expertise,
    contribution to society and finally, in third person voice, how you would rate
    his or her overall bias as Extremely High, High, Bias, Low Bias, Very Low Bias
    — Just like the categories on page 55 of Bias Is All Around You book, Bias
    Assessment Form. For example: Mark Cuban, through his expert business
    acumen and softspoken (< two personalty traits) approach to entreprenuralism
    delivers advice that 
    is only as bias as needed to help people succeed.
  5. The order is not important!  As long as you have their real complete
    name, their overal bias level, their expertise or contribution to society
    and two personality traits that most people would agree best represents
    them. Hint: You might want to wait to formulate the final one sentence
    thesis after you complete the other assignment requirements below:
  6. In the first paragraph of the essay body, include a background paragraph.
    What year were they born? Where did they grow up? What hurdles did
    they climb to get to where they are today? This will require additional
    internet searches. Five to seven sentences encapsulated.
  7. Now get ready to use the  by downloading a fresh
    copy of it using your password that came with the purchase of the book.
    Print it out or if you have Adobe Professional you can score the various
    questions electronically. Either case, your job is to take any substantive
    most recent post by the social media personality and score it using the form!
  8. Devote the 2nd paragraph to which one of the 7 bias categories they
    best fit even it is in more than two. For example, For-profit, Individual and why
    you believe this category is the best fit. Mark it or more than one on the forum.
  9. You guessed it!  Put the piece of information through KLEMP!  Be sure you
    also put the title of the piece (or what it can be best described as) on the form.
  10. Devote the third paragraph to assessing KLEMP. Articulate all the variables in
    KLEMP and how it aligns to the overall bias level you believe the personality
    dserves as will be listed in your final thesis statement in order to defend it.
  11. Continue down the form and answer all questions including conflicts of interest.
    For eample in Mark Cuban’s case he is a host on Shark Tank, owns a sports
    team, etc. If he is selling a product in the piece you are reviewing that would
    be a conflict of interest and very bias. But if he is just giving advice from one
    entrepruneur to another, not so bias.
  12. The fourth paragraph should be dedicated to conflicts of interest and any
    fallacies the piece might contain to the best of your ability. Have you applied
    critical thinking? Are you avoiding hasty generalizations in your analysis of
    this most recent social media post by your most popular follower? How does
    your personal biases, question 8 on the Bias Assessment Form affect your
    analysis, describe your experience in this complete asssesment.
  13. The last paragraph you will repeat your thesis and restate your major personal
    analysis findings of the level of bias which can be subjective as long as you
    argue using all your critical thinking and best writing skills.
  14. Finally take a screen shot of your completed Bias Assessment Form and paste
    it after the final paragraph so I can see how you scored this piece of information
    as related to your thesis.
  15. Total Word Count: 1,400 to 1,600 words.  YOU MUST MEET THE WORD COUNT
  16. Submit final paper using 12 Point Font, Times New Roman, double spaced in
    Microsoft Word. It is very important you do your own work. Plagiarism will not be
    tolerated. Good luck and I hope you have fun!