Reaction Report 2

These reports are your thoughts on an assigned video within each unit.  There will be more than one video to choose from, and all videos will cover a topic or concept contained in the unit.  You are only required to watch one video to write about, however you are more than welcome to watch (and write about) more than one of the assigned videos for a given unit. The videos assigned for the reactions reports can be found within the Content section of the class, within the individual units.  They are located under the header ”reaction report video links”.  These videos are separate from those required for the video discussions. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any trouble locating or accessing one of the videos.

Each reaction report must be at least a page long (you need at least 350 words in the body of the report), typed using size 12 Arial or Times New Roman font, double-spaced, and include your thoughts on the video.

These questions are a guide as to what to think about when composing your report and do not need to be answered individually within your report

1. Was the material understandable? 

2. Did the information from the video help you to better understand some of the concepts covered within the unit? 

3. Are there ways you can relate the information to everyday life? 

4. What are the implications of the information?  

5. How did you feel about the topic – agree or disagree? 

6. Do you have any critiques regarding the topic or information presented in the video?

        7. Do you have any questions regarding the information presented in the video?


Grading criteria for reaction reports:

You will get full credit for the reaction reports as long as they meet the minimum length requirements and you give me your thoughts on the content of the video.  When giving me your thoughts, attempt to relate to the information, relate the information to what we have covered in the unit, etc.

Here is the Video based on for the report: