Read the case Never Stay Here! The Power of Negative Online Reviews in Chapter 11.

Read the case “Never Stay Here! The Power of Negative Online Reviews” in Chapter 11. Incorporate the following topics into an essay in the order depicted below using at least 1200 words demonstrating an understanding of both the READ and ATTEND sections. Select at least three appropriately related scholarly sources from the online Bethel Library Database and the textbook to incorporate into your work. Use the APA Essay Template for formatting. Refer to the grading rubric for evaluation details.

Explain both positive and negative WOM and the influence of digital WOM on consumers using websites such as or What should the recipients of poor reviews on these sites do to remedy negative WOM?
Discuss the “wisdom of crowds” and apply this perspective to reviews one might find on sites such as Yelp or Trip Advisor. Which do you trust more: the reviews of fellow travelers or the opinions of travel experts? Explain your choice.
Consider how general economic conditions affect the way consumers allocate their money. Explain how confidence in the future, as well as in the overall economy, determines how freely people spend and the types of products they buy. How do travel sites such as the ones discussed in this case assist consumers in making sound economic decisions?

Solomon, M. (2020). Consumer behavior: Buying, having, and being (13th ed.). Pearson.

APA 7th edition.

at least three appropriately related scholarly sources

at least 1200 words