Read the file MGMT2305 Assignment 1

Read the file “MGMT2305 Assignment 1”

Briefing notes (sometimes called issue briefs, policy briefs, or issue statements) are common tools used within industry, governments, and NGOs for summarizing a challenge and presenting options or recommendations to a decision-maker. Briefing notes give context on an issue and provide insight into political complexities or anticipated challenges. Most of the time, briefing notes and process diagrams are the only tool a senior decision-maker consults for information on an issue.
You will develop a two-page briefing note for four topics of your choice out of the six cases listed here:
– Case 1: Google’s Dragonfly: the ethics of providing a censored search engine in China
– Case 2: Facebook: fake news, free speech and an internet platform’s responsibility
– Case 3: Nuclear Energy: an answer to climate change?
– Case 4: COVID-19 global shutdown.
– Case 5: Lafarge, ISIS and the Syrian Civil War: business in the face of terrorism
– Case 6: Uber and the Ethics of Sharing: exploring the societal promises and responsibilities of the
sharing economy
Each brief will summarize the issue for a decision-maker, introduce major challenges, highlight areas of concern, and make recommendations on the ethical position that the decision-maker should take. You must cite sources in end note style (an example about this citation format is provided at the end), with your literature cited list provided on a separate page.