Reasons for Early Christian victories within Roman culture.


          In Chapter 13 we read how Christianity rose from persecution to predominance. Other than the crucial factors of sincere belief in God and Christ, there are four reasons given for Christianity’s final victory over competing faiths, and fearsome persecution. Discuss these and consider which one of them you feel had the most impact upon Roman culture. After you have discussed these reasons; now address how today’s Christians could impact Western culture to draw others to Christ.

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– Four Unique Aspects of Judaism The Jews’ will to resist and to survive was based on their religion, Judaism,2 four aspects of which were different from all other Near Eastern religions.

1. Monotheism: there was only one God and he came to be viewed as universal.

2. Covenant: God chose Israel to be his people and they accepted him as their God.

3. Graven images: images of God or of any living thing were prohibited.

4. The name of God (Yahweh, meaning “he causes to be” or “the creator”) was not to be taken “in vain,” i.e., was not to be spoken