Reflecting on your virtual Study Visit to Krispy Kreme

It is required to reflect on how this video ( improved your ability to apply the concepts of product and period costs in a real-life business setting. 

Please make sure your essay has an introduction, a body and a conclusion which addresses all the following required questions in this discussion:

  1. In what way did this study visit to Krispy Kreme help you to get prepared in classifying product and period costs? Explain. 
  2. What did you observe in this visit? Think about?
  3. What are the implications of this experiential learning activity?
  4. What benefits did you get from this experiential learning activity?
  5. What did you learn or relearn in this field trip to Krispy Kreme?
  6. How does this experience relate to the real world?
  7. How does this experiential learning activity relate to your professional goal?
  8. What steps can you take to apply what you have learned?
  9. How can you extend the learning you had?
  10. How was this experience interacting with your instructor, peers, and professionals in your discipline or field off-campus contributed to your academic, personal and professional growth?
  11. Write in Standard English using grammatically correct sentences and well organized paragraphs. Grade is based on quality of written expression, content (i.e., how well and fully you answer the required questions in the discussion) and other specifications.