Watch video: malabar masque a study of kathakali.

After you read the PDF document "A Concise Introduction to Ritual" and watched the online video "Malabar Masque A Study Of Kathakali " discuss in a  reflection response  the importance of  ritual and ceremony in your everyday life (whether religious, social, or common everyday) and what, if any, performative or theatrical elements these ceremonies have.

When reflecting think of the importance of these ceremonies and rituals and how they might mirror the ideas in the reading/video and how they might differ. Ultimately, reflecting on the question of how are our ceremonies and rituals theatrical and what has theatre taken from these ceremonies and rituals and applied to the art form. 

Try to avoid general interest comments but instead, try to speak to something very specific in the article that meant something to you. There is no word count for this assignment, but i do expect a "full" paragraph (or two).