Renaissance Kingship: Ideals and Practice(due 2/20)

Most of early modern Europe was ruled by kings and queens.  Using the evidence identified below and our textbook, analyze and discuss in an essay post what you discover about ideals and practices of rulership in this period.  What kind of power did they wield?  How closely did the actual rule of monarch embody the ideals associated with it?  How would you characterize the relationship between the person and office of ruler?
Powerpoint: Art and Kingship in Early Modern Europe.  At least five (5) images are in the slide deck.  
At least five (5) Primary Sources

Map 04: Territories held by Charles V in 1526.

Click on Map 4. This interactive map shows the dynastic inheritances of Charles V in Europe.  He’s the fellow on the horse in the slide deck.  The map does not include his burgeoning empire overseas in the New World, Africa, and Asia.  This Hapsburg ruler arguably ruled the world’s first global empire.

Map 05: Europe in 1559

Click on Map 5. Note the differences with Map #3 you viewed in week 2.  What are the major ones you see? What helps to explain them?