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he NICU at PWS has become the leading hospital for new life services catering to expecting families. Neonatal deaths (infants less than 28 days old) account for two-thirds of all infant deaths with the most occurring in the ICU setting (Beckstrand et al, 2019). The NICU needs an expansion to decrease transportation rates and reduce delayed care. As of now there are 10 beds, the expansion will more than double that allowing us to care for the overwhelming requests at our birthing center. The hospital as is not able to keep up with demand of infants born with the need for NICU services.

            The expansion will include becoming a level III from a now level II. Job openings will flood the community and PWH will be the leading go to hospital within 200 miles in either direction able to care for this patient population. The expansion will be built with state-of-the-art technology for the most up-to-date procedures and care. Patient safety will be at the forefront with around the clock video monitoring of infants in the NICU for parents to be at the bedside from home. The unit will be a lockdown unit allowing only parents in with proper identification and infants will be monitored from birth with our hugs system.  

            The expansion will call for extensive training and education for both new and existing nurses and certifications will be obtained by all employees. In addition, wait times shall be reduced, mortality rates will decrease, and patient satisfaction scores will rise. Giving birth to sick or preterm infant can be unexpected and overwhelming for any parent, and the NICU environment can be a factor that contributes to the emotional well-being of parents and families in the NICU (Liu et al, 2019).

Barriers to Change

            SWOT was helpful in identifying issues previously unrecognized which then can be acknowledged and discussed, making the decision-making process easier and highlighting the drivers for change (Stonehouse, 2018). Due to supply and demand it is harder to get necessary supplies for an expansion project therefore, cost have dramatically increased leaving us with the need for additional funding. Additionally, current nurses are doubtful and nervous of becoming a successful level III therefore, issues must be addressed such as communication, staffing, and education. This should increase employee morale and the production of an education plan can ease fears of the unknown.

Moving Forward

            This class has taught me multiple levels of leadership and what it takes to produce a successful strategic plan from start to finish. I have learned that there are many working parts to implementation. There are ways that can help identify barriers and how to make those weaknesses the strengths of your project. This will help me to better be along with organization and evaluation of information.