Part #1      (1/2 point value for each answer)

Directions:  Match the term to the correct definition (orexample) in the table below.  Terms maybe used more than once.




Prosecutor did not elect to charge the crime.


Victim refused to cooperate


Information Only


Suspects werent able to be identified


Subject was arrested for the crime and brought to jail


A shots fired call investigated determined the noise to be lightning and thunder.


Officer warned the traffic violator


A vehicle reported as stolen in a grocery parking lot was actually parked a few rows over – where the registered owner parked it.


A petitioner could not prove the respondent of a restraining order was calling from an unknown number and hanging up.


A pair of bank robbers were caught in the act and arrested/charged for the offense.

Word Bank:

Unfounded, Pended, Cleared by Arrest, Prosecution Declined, Noted

Part #2   (5 points total)

Here are your field notes regarding a DWI arrest you made.  Use only the relevant information tocreate a strong opening paragraph of your police report narrative.


Date: 10/01/2019                                                                             Speed Limit: 40 mph

Location: Highway96 and Highway 61                    Insurance Info:  Progressive, Policy # MKC-11417

Time: 0215 hours                                                                             Current Temperature:  65 degrees, F

Vehicle: MN plate123ABC (a 2011, blue, Ford F-150)       PBT: 0.19 BrAC

Offenses: Crossedover multiple traffic lane designators and was speeding (10 mph over).

Road Condition:Dry and flat                       Drivers Clothes: A green Christmassweater

Drivers Name andbirthday: James Anthony Brown 2/5/1990 (registered vehicle owner)

Direction of Travel(you and vehicle): Northbound on Hwy 61

City: White BearLake                     Drivers statements: Admitted todrinking 2 beers


Opening Paragraph of Police Narrative: