Research/Article Critique

  • Oh, J., Cho, D., & Lim, D. H. (2018). Authentic leadership and work engagement: The mediating effect of practicing core values. Leadership & Organization Development Journal, 39(2), 276-290. 
  • An Outline for Research Critiques

    Criterion #1. Presentation of the research

    a.     Is the purpose of the article clearly stated?

    b.     Are the research questions, research objectives and/or hypotheses clearly stated?

    c.     Is sufficient background information provided?

    d.     Are key terms or variables clearly defined?

    Criterion #2. Execution of the research

    a.     Is the approach or methodology adequately described?

    b.     Is the approach or methodology appropriate for this research?

    c.     Is the approach or methodology correctly implemented?

    d.     Is the population and participant appropriate and adequately described?

    e.     Are the findings adequately described?

    f.       Is the sample size enough for this research?

    g.     What are the data collection and analysis methods?

    Criterion #3. Logic and significance of the research

    a.     Does the approach or methodology flow logically from the background information, literature review, and (especially) the problem statement?

    b.     Do the conclusions, implications and recommendations flow logically from the findings?

    c.     Do the authors overgeneralize their findings?

    d.     To what extent does this article contribute to the improvement of educational practice?


    The critique must be a word document, double-spaced, Times New Roman font size 12, and 3-5 pages in length. The critique must also include the full APA citation for the article. The critique must be in essay form. It must use the structure set forth in the above outline for research critiques and use the three criteria as major headings in the paper. All answers should be clearly stated and articulated.