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Produce a 1800-2000 word, APA style research paper titled: "Policy Website Evaluation: Implications for HUS Service Workers." The paper should analyze 4 websites that focus on a policy issue of relevance to HUS service workers (e.g., mental health, education, poverty, drugs, etc.). Each website will be described and assessed in detail using the CRAAP method  for evaluating websites, and then will be ranked in terms of usefulness to HUS workers. Use the attached worksheet  to evaluate and score the sites. You do NOT need to submit this form, but you may reference the scores in your paper. 

The paper will offer reasons for the ranking based on an examination of the Human Services field. The guidelines to follow as you develop this project are below. Please read every one of them carefully.

Research Guidelines and Tips

  1. Select one policy area from your textbook. For example, you could select poverty, aging, drugs and addiction, children, health, etc.

  2. Use keywords from your book to conduct an internet search for websites that deal with that topic. Make a list of those websites.
  3. Review chapter one’s discussion of the concept of a social welfare system. See pages 3-10. Note that your book is written from a social work perspective. Although your degree is in Human Services, it is closely related to social work, and the ethical standards of Human Services compare to those of the National Association of Social Workers. Thus, like Social Workers, Human Services workers also promote the well-being of society, and must be aware of programs that meet human needs and advocate for vulnerable populations.
  4. Review the major Social Work competencies on the inside cover of your book (front and back cover). These competencies can help you assess relevance and authority for the websites you selected. For example, Competency #4 would imply that Social Workers (and Human Service workers) would need to know about scientific studies on a topic like addiction or poverty.
  5. Think about the four parts of a social welfare system as discussed on page 5. These four parts will help you assess the purpose of the websites you review. The websites may have information on one or more of these parts. For example, consider whether the website seems to provide more information on policy analysis (see page 83 in your book), or whether it focuses more on issues and programs (e.g., Medicaid , Social Security, ). Perhaps it is more concerned with advocacy (creating, and changing laws), see pages 391-393; 398-402.
  6. Review the CRAAP handout.  Be sure that you understand currency, relevance, authority, accuracy and purpose.
  7. Examine each website on your list. Be sure to thoroughly explore ALL the tabs on the main page of a website. This step will help you learn about the content of the website. Take notes.

Formatting and Organizational Guidelines

  1. Use APA style for this project. The American Psychological Association has a step by step tutorial on APA style (Links to an external site.).

  2. Use APA style for this project. This will include:

    1. Title page and running header. Use the title shown above.

    2. Times Roman 12 font.
    3. Double spacing only throughout.
    4. Abstract page (separate from title page and body of the paper).
    5. Headings throughout to break up the content. Use the headings listed below, or something very similar.
    6. In-text citations and a references page
  3. The introduction will set-up the problem—unreliable information on the internet; yet, HUS workers are expected to provide reliable, evidence based information and services to clients.
    1. The introduction will identify the website evaluation tool (CRAAP) and briefly explain why it will be used to assess the websites.

    2. The introduction will identify the policy area and briefly justify the choice based on relevance to HUS. This will require additional research to determine areas of competency for HUS professionals. One source is the National Organization for Human Services; two additional, reliable sources are needed as well.

    3. The introduction concludes by describing how the rest of the paper will be structured.

  4. The Policy and its Relevance to HUS, will discuss the chosen policy area in more depth; identify key policies, laws, etc. The text can be used as one source; a minimum of two other scholarly (non-commercial) sources must be used as well.
  5. The website name – each section devoted to analyzing a website should explicitly follow the CRAAP method; pay careful attention to the credentials of authors and how sources are cited. Are the citations in-text and in a references section? Take care NOT to list.
  6. The ranking will provide an overview of the results and offer a ranking of the websites based on the CRAAP method. It is possible that you may have a tie—if so, you will need to explain why this is the case.
  7. The discussion will discuss and explain the meaning and importance of your findings and analysis as they relate to HUS.
  8. The conclusion will restate the purpose of the paper, describe the strategy, describe the findings and their importance to HUS.
  9. The references will list all sources used in the paper, per APA style.
  10. This paper MUST undergo a tutor review. You must submit a draft of the paper to  and get feedback from a tutor. You must revise your paper based on these comments. Attach your feedback from  to your assignment submission.