Response 2 Discussion: Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

  • After reading the summary please respond to each bullet. This assignment only requires one or two paragraphs. 

  • Suggest another way the colleagues challenge in the healthcare setting is related to strategic planning.
  • Suggest another way a stakeholder might be involved in strategic planning.
  • Suggest another way a healthcare manager or leader might address a challenge related to a stakeholder or challenge.
  • Suggest other examples from the Learning Resources that support a colleagues post.

You minimize costly mistakes and avoid panic when temporary disasters strike with proper planning. Tom’s mid-arrival and him not paying attention to the culture of the facility was not successful because he did not consider that he was in a small metropolitan suburb area; also, he did not think of the facility’s culture and staff he also spent unnecessarily by having a third party do what was done by Yolanda.

Stakeholders are individuals or organizations interested in or impacted by quality measures. Stakeholders include patients, caregivers, clinicians, measure developers, and healthcare facility representatives. (cms. gov, 2021)

Strategic planning is necessary for healthcare organizations to succeed; by setting goals in the long term, being objective in these goals, you can create a plan and achieve them.

Some critical stakeholders in this case study are Patients, Clinicians, and staff; each can help identify healthcare problems, talk about resources needed to keep up with the demand, and help with quality improvement initiatives.

Healthcare leaders provide necessary communications from Patients to staff regarding complaints and quality issues. Staff and patients to Physicians Groups also have regular contacts with the Chief Nursing Officer or whoever is in their Hierarchy.

 Leaders Plan for long-term success by continually leveraging new sources of information. A strategy enables leaders to anticipate changes, opportunities, and challenges in the business environment to impact their future and stakeholders.

Overall it seems Tom came from a more elaborate facility and was not used to the suburbs and the significant community involvement with staff; if he had kept everything in place and had the staff involved in the commercial, he would have won everyone over.






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