For this assignment, review your article 2. Submit using this link at the Black Board. See this task description below.

Two Article Reviews

2 @ 30 points possible

The intent of the article reviews is for you to read professional literature about content literacy and synthesize the information provided into a review that provides the following:

  • A cover sheet that follows APA formatting for paper submission
  • Appropriate APA headers
  • An appropriate APA title
  • Appropriate in-text citations (you are required to cite the article)
  • No direct quotations
  • A summary of the article
  • A brief critique of the ideas that they have provided
  • A synthesis of the ideas presented and how you can utilize the information in your classroom
  • A references page that includes one reference for this the article
  • 2-3 pages of print-based text excluding the Cover Page, the References section, the Appendices, etc.

You must submit each article for review PRIOR to Dr. Gould for approval. Each article must be specifically about content literacy and how it can be implemented into a specific course. Each article must be from a peer-reviewed journal.