Revised Problem and Draft Purpose Statement

Using the feedback you received on your problem statement in Week 3revise your problem statements, referring to the Writing a Problem Statement (Links to an external site.). Augment your problem statements with your proposed purpose statement, following the guidelines in the Guide to Preparing a Purpose Statement (Links to an external site.). Include a summary paragraph that identifies changes to the problem statement you made based on instructor feedback. Submit your assignment by Day 7 of Week 4.

Note: You will finalize your problem and purpose statements in the Letter of Intent assignment due in Week 8.

Remember that the Problem Statement should:

  • Contain at least one or two paragraphs that convey the relevance of the over-arching topic in which the general and specific problems are grounded.
  • Identify a general problem associated with the topic that supports the need for additional research.
  • Identify a specific problem that is aligned with and related to the general problem, and that indicates what is problematic, how it is problematic and for whom it is problematic.
  • Be thoughtfully supported with evidence from current literature that reinforces the relevance of the topic, as well as the importance of the general and specific problems.
  • Conclude with a statement that explains how research could address the specific problem.

Your Purpose Statement should:

  • Articulate a specific reason for conducting the proposed research in one or two sentences.
  • Align with the general and specific problem statements.
  • Identify the methodology, the study population and the geographic location for the study.
  • Be thoughtfully supported with references to current literature that support the relevance of the study.