Sampling Challenges

Name: Jose Trejo
Central State University
Course: Research Methods (CRJ-2410-7GW)
Professor: Dr. Darrick Brake
This assignment is based on Chapter 8 of this textbook:
Research Methods for Criminal Justice and Criminology, 8th Edition
ISBN: 9781337517119
By: Michael G. Maxfield
Instructions: Technology has improved many aspects of research methodology and has assisted researchers in developing results that are more accurate. However, technology and privacy can also be a burden to researchers. Calling home telephones was and is still a popular way to poll a large number of people for nationwide surveys. Increasingly though, large numbers of households have become cell phoneonly households. Many households do not have Internet access. Mail surveys have traditionally low response rates.
I want everyone in the class for this written assignment to think of at least three methods researchers could use to conduct a nationwide survey. What issues might a researcher have keeping digital data secure and protected? Is it easier to create or more difficult to design a study that seeks to have a representative sample with digital, online, or other computer-based programs to collect data from a population?

I have uploaded powerpoint and other information to us provided to us by the professor. Thank you!