select a country for the company

one-paragraphthe chooseNow that you have selected a company, it’s time to select a country to enter.

The assignment is to write a one-to-two page overview of the country you have selected and why. Tell me something about the country dynamics by conducting research. Share your thoughts on why there’s a match between the company you selected and this country. Note: A one paragraph response will not suffice. Not U.S. and China

It’s also important to know the company and the country selection will evolve into a term paper/project. Thus, it is worth the time to think through this assignment. 

the company I chooese is Walmart. Some of the interesting facts from the visualization page are: Walmart has retained its ranking position. Walmart has the most significant number of employees globally, and the least exciting thing is that Walmart has the most considerable revenue in the world. It’s interesting to see how one company can manage all this.

I prefer working with Walmart in my long-term project since its the best company in the world. It is a successful company and has a lot to learn, such as a strong culture. Walmart is there to stay, meaning it is worth working for since it is a long-term project reducing the fear of closure. I would suggest that the data visualization page include the company’s losses. Including the losses will help people know the progress of the company. The data visualization page is self-explanatory and precise, and one can get lots of information from it.