Session 2 Systematic Theory Discussion

Discussion Prompt: The Problem of Evil

You have just entered your favorite restaurant. This is your first date with the person next to you. The lights are dim; the music is soft and sweet; the atmosphere is perfect. Arm-in-arm you are directed to an isolated booth near the back corner. As you are seated you overhear a small voice in the next booth saying a childs prayer. God is great. God is good. And we thank Him for our food. You smile to yourself and are seated wondering if your new friend is a Christian. Before you can catch your breath your seatmate says, I used to believe that but not anymore. There has been too much hurt, too much pain to continue to believe that any good God would allow such evil to be present in the world. Either God doesnt care or He is too weak to do anything about it. So, I just quit believing. As you look quizzically across the table a tear slowly etches its way down a reddened cheek.
You have just completed an introduction class in theology. How do you respond as a theologian to this pain and confusion? How do we explain the tension between Gods love and evil in our world?
In this response, as in all others in this course, you are responsible for assimilating course content and applying both your reading for this class, as well as any other outside sources to support your perspective.

Erickson, M. J. (2015).  Introducing Christian doctrine.  (3rd ed.).  Hustad , L. A. (Ed.).
  • Chapter 8-16