Short Paper

Select one FULL episode (not a trailer) from ONEof the following series:

Note: Should you have trouble using one of the links provided, simplyconduct your own online search for the material using the show title.

  (a)   Baroness von Sketch Show

   (b)  My 90-Year-Old Roommate

   (c)  Rick Mercer Report

   (d)  Ed, Eddn Eddy (animated)

Then, write a paper between 500 and 800words on the FULL episode you have selected,answering the following questions in order. Please number your answers and use a separateparagraph for each one. Do not include a cover page or this assignmentdescription in your submission.

1. What show have you chosen to analyze? Provide theseason and episode numbers and, if possible, a specific link to your selection.

2. What is onesocial function OR one psychologicalfunction performed by this work of humour? Frame your answer in terms ofrelevant course content. Explain and justify your choice with a clearexplanation and a specific example from the episode. [Please describe each example; dont simply referto a time marker in the video (e.g., 04:33).]

3. How do two of Martinsfive theories of humour apply to your selection? Explain your choice of theoriesusing course content and back up each theory with a specific, and separate, illustrativeexample from the selection. Please frame your answer in terms of audience (i.e.,Based on your chosen theory, why might the audience find the selection funny?)

4. How is humour created in this episode? (a) What broad categories of humour are used?(b) What nonverbal or visual ways ofcreating humour are used? Using the Unit 1 slides, explain and justify yourchoices for parts (a) and (b), supporting eachwith specific illustrative examples from your episode.

5. What are two toolsused to create humour in this selection? Refer to the Unit 1 Discussions areaon tools and terms for ideas. Defend your application of each term with a clear explanation and specific example from the episode.Do not duplicate terms already used orasked about for earlier questions.

MARKING. Your assignment will receive one of the following grades: 9 to 10out of 10 (extrapolates learning, and/or shows how learning affects world view;connects this learning to specific examples in the work of humour); 8  to 8.5 out of 10 (demonstrates connectionsbetween concepts, provides some specific examples from the work of humour); 7 to7.5 out of 10 (covers fundamentals or basic facts and ideas); 5 to 6.5 out of10 (covers some, but not all, basic facts and ideas); 4.5 or less out of 10(does not demonstrate mastery of basic facts and ideas).