Skill Deficiencies/Needs for the 21st Century Workplace

“The more we rely on technology to make us efficient, the fewer skills we have to confront the unexpected,” says writer and entrepreneur Margaret Heffernan. She shares why we need less tech and more messy human skills — imagination, humility, bravery — to solve problems in business, government and life in an unpredictable age. “We are brave enough to invent things we’ve never seen before,” she says. “We can make any future we choose.”

Today’s workplace is ever-changing as are the skills that employees need to remain competitive. Depending upon “who” you talk with determine whether the focus is on “soft skills”, “tech skills”, “hard skills”, “professional skills”…and the list goes on and on. 


Your assignment is, again, two-fold:

Review the following TED Talk links below that discuss both “skills” and our “changing workforce”:


After reviewing these short presentations (and others related to the topic, should you choose), the assignment is to conduct a review of both academic literature and credible popular press documents over the topic of “skill deficiencies/needs” in today’s work environment. Prepare a narrative that thoroughly discusses the topic, the impact of the topic on todays business environment, future implications, among other things. I would encourage you to use current resources (2018 to Present as applicable/available) including such resources as Indeed, Linkedin, INC Magazine, among others. Feel free to also include dialogue from professional presentations such as those identified above from TED Talks and/or other reputable sources. Also, expected/desired/encouraged will be a comprehensive commentary/reflection that includes your thoughts, opinions, ideas, views, etc. Do you have experience(s) with the topics as it relates to todays workplace? Do you believe there is/are concerns? What do you anticipate changing in the future, if anything?

Your narrative should be five (5) to seven (7) pages of thorough content/reflection using appropriate college level writing skills. A BIBLIOGRAPHY is to be prepared and attached to the end of the report. This bibliography must include a minimum of five credible (5) sources and can consist of both scholarly and reputable popular press sources (not counted as part of the page requirement).