small business

On this assignment you will be a small business owner and must construct a powerpoint presentation (10 slides or more) proposing a benefits package you want to sell to an organization (i.e. : Amazon, State Farm, Child Care network, or an organization you choose).
Some potential suggestions for a benefits package include:
Employee Assistance Programs
Tuition Assistance
Sussession Planning Programs/Management Training Programs
Prescription Assistance
Include in your presentation:
Create a LOGO
Create a slide introducting your business–phone number, email address, fax number, social media information
Explain all benefits offered
A break down of cost of benefits plan to employer
How the benefits can be distributed (i.e. some benefits can’t be accessed immediately-there is a waiting period) 
Provide options on how the employee can pay for the benefits (i.e. monthly draft from bank account, payroll deduction)
What are the benefits to the employer for buying your plan?