Social Work

The Person-in-Environment framework is the overarchingtheoretical paradigm guiding social work practice. The framework holds thatindividual behavior is the result of interactions between the individual andhis environment, rather than simply the result of individual choice(s). Rather,social workers analyze individual behavior individual behavior in the contextof influences from family, small groups, communities, organizations andinstitutions.

For this paper, the student will conduct such an analysis withspecial attention to the ways in which individual behavior is shaped byinfluence with larger systems.

The requirements for the assignment are as follows:

        Select a clientproblem or need that social work practitioners often face in working withclients.

        Review the literatureon the issue. At least five scholarly sources should be used for thispaper.

        Describe the problem,including but not limited to the following:



        Impacts on individualfunctioning

        Discuss existing socialwork interventions.

        Identify specificroles that social workers would carry out in intervening with the clientsystem.

        Provide an objectiveanalysis of these interventions.

        Make an argument forthe intervention that you, based on your reading of the literature, would bemost effective in addressing the issue.

        Identify any potentialethical/professional boundary issues that commonly arise in carrying out suchan intervention.

        The paper must be inAPA style. Papers that do not follow APA style will be returned to thestudent, and will not be graded until corrected. Grade penalties for lateassignments will apply during this time.

        Papers should becoherent, and clearly written and organized.

        Failure to properlycite sources for the paper will result in a failing grade.