Social Work



 Choose an article thatdiscusses a local, state or national policy issue.  

 Articles should comefrom newspapers, either in print or online;

Selected articles should be atleast 8-10 paragraphs to provide enough information for you to review. 

Choose articles discussingcurrent events. They should be no more than two weeks older than theassignment due date. 

Do not use articles published as editorials (opinions, columns) or pressreleases. While often interesting and informative, these tend not to be asthorough or present only one opinion on a topic.

The body of your review should be a paragraph addressing each ofthe following six questions. Number each paragraph according to eachquestion. (Please do not include the questions with each paragraph

1.What is the central issue, policy or legislation in this newsitem?  What is the location or setting of the issue? 

2. Who are the partiesinvolved in or affected by this situation? Discuss how they are involvedor affected. Non-human species and ecosystems may be included here. 

3.What actions were taken orproposed, and what were the actual or expected consequences of theaction(s)? How effective was (or might be) each action in dealing with theissue?

4.What is missing from thisarticle? Is the story one-sided? Are there any parties whoseinterests are not covered in this article? 

5.What are the financialissues? Are there economic or political interests in thisissue? These may or may not be addressed directly in the article. Speculateon what you think the economic or political impacts may be. You might needto use other scholarly sources to support your speculation.

6.What is your opinion on thesituation? What suggestions can you offer to improve thesituation? Do you think this situation is or can be resolved? (Note:”They are doing everything that can be done” is not an acceptableanswer.) Be specific about your suggestions.

7.Link thisissue/policy/legislation to an Ethic of Social Work and briefly describe howthe issue/policy/legislation is related.