SOSC301 W6 Discussion

In lecture, we learned about various strategies that leaders can use to overcome resistance and facilitate organizational change. In discussion this week, you will apply this material to your own personal or professional life.

To begin, consider a time in which a group, company, or organization you belong(ed) to went through a major change. For example, you might think about an instance where your office began using a new technology, launched a new and innovative product, had to change procedures because of a shift in regulations, etc.

Then write an initial post in which you address the following:

  • Summarize the change your group, company, or organization went through.Detail what led to the change, the steps taken to implement the change, and how people reacted to the change. Finally, indicate whether or not the change was successful.
  • Explain, in detail, the strategies that the leader(s) of the group utilized in order to facilitate change and try to overcome resistance. Try to apply specific ideas from lecture.
  • Argue whether the leader was effective in overcoming resistance and facilitating change.
    • If the leader was unsuccessful, use concepts from lecture to devise a plan that the leader could have followed instead to more effectively facilitate change.
      • For instance, if the leader used manipulation or force, detail how they could have used communication and education instead.
    • If the leader was successful, assess what specific strategies you believe led to their success.