Spanish Influenza Epidemic of 1918

Using the APA template that I will provide in the Canvas announcements page, write an informative paper about the particular epidemic you have chosen, focusing on the disease itself. The paper must include the following: an introductory paragraph providing basic facts and statistical data about the illness information about the causative agent information about symptoms information about the pathophysiology of the disease information about treatments information about prevention measures This is the scientific/mathematical portion of the paper, so make sure you get highly scientific about the disease (whether viral or bacterial). It should sound more like a scientific journal article than a Web MD article. For this section of the paper, you will not be focusing on the particular outbreak assigned or the time period of that outbreak. Instead, you will focus on the current medical science regarding the virus or bacteria that you’re writing about. For example, if your topic is the Black Death, do not discuss what the treatments were in the 14th century. Instead, discuss the treatments available today for treating that bacterial infection.
Do not include subtitles for the subcategories listed. Instead, make sure that your paper flows seamlessly from paragraph to paragraph, transitioning from point to point. You will need a minimum of 6 sources for this paper, and at least 4 of your sources must be peer-reviewed journal articles from the library databases. Make sure that you carefully format, reference, and cite in APA style, and also remember to paraphrase the information rather than quoting it. Length requirement – 5 to 7 pages