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Speech writing is one task where great care must be taken. Again, unique creativity and originality must be greatly and highly regarded since they say much about the person delivering it. This is why royal persons like presidents have great editors going about the role of writing their speeches on their behalf just so that it meets the required originality, creativity, and addresses perfectly the anticipated goals and objectives. Again, having speeches done on one’s behalf could be a way of seeking perfection which distinguishes them as great presentation deliverers and eloquent speakers. This is the same case with students. Having a speech paper that is highly unique and characterized by creativity and originality is one way of impressing the professor and crossing the bridge to high performance. You can achieve this by utilizing our speech writing services.

Persuasive Speech Writing Services

People are scared of public speaking more than their own death. Hire a speechwriter and relieve yourself of all your irrational fears. You can trust one of the persuasive speech writers from our cadre with the task as well as your personal information. We take confidentiality and authenticity very seriously.

Hire A Speech Writer

In today’s world of the internet, just Googling something as simple as “write my speech” will get you a practically uncountable number of speech writers for hire. But sifting through those search results is a different challenge.

Ideally, you would want to hire a speechwriter who does not disclose your personal information, ensures absolute satisfaction, write original content and free-of-cost revisions, and guarantees protection against plagiarism.

How Much Do Speech Writers Charge?

The cost of hiring a speechwriter varies according to the length, nature, and level of technicality of the speech. Experienced speechwriters may charge $1/word and even above, while rookies may ask half a dollar per word.

Another practice for speechwriters is to charge by the speaking time of the speech. An average person speaks about 150 words per minute in a speech. Depending upon that, using some quick math, you can calculate exactly how much your speech will cost you if you hire a professional speechwriter.

Custom Speech Writing Services

We are better than speech writing companies and speech writing services online because we don’t just provide a service; we connect with our clients. Our project managers absorb and understand the clients’ scope and purpose.  So the written speech is always able to personate the speaker immaculately. We also offer dreamy wedding speech writing services. Contact us for any and all sorts of custom speech writing services that are tailor-fit especially for you.

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Write My Speech