Assignment Instruction 

For this portfolio work project, you will analyze the internal and external factors that shape and influence an organization’s strategy. Your work on this assignment will demonstrate your understanding of industry forces and how an organization can leverage its strengths to its advantage. This portfolio work project asks you to analyze the strategic process using the AFI framework. This analysis will clearly demonstrate your ability to think critically and strategically, and to use evidence to support your thinking.
The vice president of strategy has asked you to prepare an objective analysis of the internal and external environments of the organization. She is hoping that your insight can be used to plan for the future direction of the company.
Your Role
You are a strategic analyst for the company you have selected to use in this course. The company has recently started the strategic planning process and needs to analyze the current internal and external environments.
Conduct your own research to find recent articles on the value of strategic planning and the role of leadership in the strategic planning process. 
For this assignment, you will need to complete a VRIO or Value Chain analysis, a PESTLE analysis based on research of the organization (not conjecture or opinion), and a Five Forces model (pay attention to the relationships of elements from both PESTLE and Five Forces). You should also research the industry your company is in, as well as the company’s website for information and supporting evidence. Once you have this research completed, prepare an executive briefing report that will be distributed to senior executive leadership. In your report, address the following:
* Analyze the key components of the AFI strategic planning framework. Assess the value of using a strategic planning framework for long-term success and sustained competitive advantage. 
* Analyze the internal environment of the organization.
    * What are the key findings from your VRIO or Value Chain analysis?
    * How well does the organization leverage its strengths to execute the business strategy?
    * How effective is the organizational structure and management system design?
* Analyze the external environment of the organization. 
    * What are the key findings from your PESTLE analysis?
    * What are the key findings from your Five Forces analysis?
    * How can the organization respond to these forces to better position itself?
* Explain the role of leadership in the strategic planning process. Be sure to address the ethical responsibilities of leaders in the strategic planning process.
* Recommend a course of action for leadership based on your analysis.
addition to the analysis, include:
* Title page.
* Table of contents.
* Executive summary.
* References page with APA formatted references from at least five sources.
* Appendices: VRIO or Value Chain analysis, PESTLE analysis, and Five Forces analysis.
* Target length of 57 content pages in addition to title, references pages, and appendices including your VRIO/Value Chain, PESTLE, and Five Forces analyses.
* Written for an audience of executive leaders.