Summary and analysis of the four substantive sections of marketing plan

Summary and Analysis of the four substantive sections of Marketing Plan (2: Situation Analysis, 3: Marketing Strategy,
4: Campaign Management, and 5: Financial Management). In analyzing each section, be sure to include the following:
All pages (except cover page) should include headers, footers and page numbers.
A summary of the key points from the specific section. Be sure to give a short overview of the highlights. This may
or may not correspond with the sub-sections of the Marketing Plan. Your aim is to find the key points presented.
A Critical Analysis of the section. This should be an objective analysis of the section. DO NOT GIVE YOUR PERSONAL
OPINIONS. Show whether the assertions presented are supported by your external research.
Your assertions and sources should be discussed in further detailing within the footnotes. Use external data to
verify/challenge the assertion.
Make sure to cite external sources in a reference list.